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We deliver logistics services from Europe to Turkey, Central Asia and the Middle East. But more importantly, we deliver on our promise to operate in harmony with the environment.

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We have established an optimized network of logistics partners in rail, sea, overland and air freight. That allows us to offer intermodal solutions involving more than one mode of transport. This way, we are able to choose the most efficient routes, and also the most eco-friendly ones.


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Green Transport

Intermodal logistics has the capacity to harmonize economic and ecological interests. By offering the most fuel-efficient routes, we can design profitable solutions for you and the environment.

Administrative Support

Our service goes beyond the delivery of your freight. We support you along the entire operational and financial file management process, from the offer to the invoice, including document management and reporting.

Compliance & Integrity

Compliance plays a crucial role in facilitating international transport and protecting you and your freight against political risks. Our specific regional experience allows us to provide you with a full spectrum of consulting services around regulatory and logistics requirements.

Customer orientation

The services we offer are designed to bring efficiency, transparency and security to your supply chain. We strive to improve service levels on our side and customer satisfaction on yours, because ultimately we share the same goal: Making your buyers happy.

2019 savings

Our intermodal logistics system enables us to combine various modes of transport. That way we have proudly managed to save this amount of CO² emissions during the year of 2019 – compared to using road freight only.


kg CO²

2019 savings

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