what we do

Logistic Services

Overland Freight

Our overland services rely on a strong fleet of delivery vehicles, an extensive partner network and a dedicated specialization in road transportation. We deliver safely and reliably on the roads from Europe to Turkey, the CIS states and the Middle East.

Rail Freight

In terms of energy consumption per tonne-kilometer, rail transport is often more eco-friendly and cost-efficient than other modes of transport. We partner up with railway companies all across Europe to offer wagon renting and intermodal transportation services.

Sea Freight

Sea freight is a cost-efficient option for large shipments that are not time-sensitive. Also, sea freight has a much smaller carbon footprint than other modes of transport. We offer a range of shipping services that help you optimize your transportation process in terms of cost and environmental impact.

Air Freight

When speed is the logistical priority, air cargo is a suitable form of freight. It is the fastest mode of transport and often used for high-value freight that have tight delivery schedules. By working with a large network of air carriers, we can offer express transportation and complete cargo plane renting.



Smooth and on-time customs procedures are a matter of expertise. We have a team of customs experts on board that ensures operational consistency and compliance with trade regulations. That way, we can minimize the administrative hassle and avoid delays.


We complement our transportation services with a range of warehousing solutions that are designed to add flexibility to your supply chain. Depending on your preferences and logistical requirements, we offer bonded as well as unbonded warehousing.

Project Management

We gladly share our logistics expertise with you by offering project management and consulting services. This can help you optimize your transportation process, reduce carbon emissions, manage complexity and develop tailored solutions for specific shipment needs.

Multimodal Transport

Multimodal transport lies at the heart of our commitment to sustainability. Using rail, sea, overland and air freight allows us to combine different modes of transport in a way that minimizes the environmental impact and maximizes your degree of flexibility.