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Bulung Office Opening Event in Timisoara – Romania

Bulung takes its guests on a delightful journey experience at the office opening event at Timisoara.

a delightful journey of culture, experience, and cuisine

Our guests and partners were introduced to a journey about Bulung. Over one hundred guests were delighted with a mix of tastes, from Austrian baked goods to traditional Arabic food and genuine Romanian cuisine. The journey also entailed a spark of joy, as we have set up an entire small village with a miniature trainset in the middle of our event space, showcasing how Bulung got started in 2012 and how it evolved to become one of the most reliable partners when it comes to multimodal transport solutions. In his main speech at the event, our CEO, Mr. Yusuf Erkara also mentioned the meaning of the name Bulung and the mission of the company to bridge not only countries but also cultures.

The name “Bulung” will always stand for innovation, reliability, sustainability and flexibility. – Yusuf Erkara, CEO of Bulung Logistics.

Opening Event of Bulung Logistics in Romania / Timisoara

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