Bulung Logistics

Branch Office Opening in Serbia

expanding to the Balkans, Growing our family

2021 was very productive for our company and we continued to strengthen our position by expanding to Serbia at the end of the year. Our mission is to use our experience, expertise, and know-how in order to bring transport and logistics services, as well as our environmental approach to the next level in the Balkan market.

Bulung is ready to move not only goods but entire mountains if this is what the customer needs. We are proud of our flexibility and ability to find solutions to any given situation. Our team in Serbia is even more enthusiastic in their approach to customer satisfaction. Being part of Bulung, especially when understanding what the brand stands for represents a great deal for each of our team members. Driven by the vision of the company leadership, multi-cultural teams are being aligned and the value of human resources becomes a priority. Bulung is constantly investing in professionals, who can not only deal with daily challenges, but are able to find solutions and surpass any obstacles in the interest of the customer.

Bulung Logistics in Serbia provides a full range of logistics services: road transport, rail transport, container transport, warehousing, customs formalities, and consultancy services.

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