Bulung Logistics

Bulung’s Istanbul Office in LEED Platinum Certified Allianz Tower

Our new office space provides a working environment that reflects our corporate culture and makes each member of our team happy.

We chose Allianz Tower, Turkey’s first tower with LEED Platinum certificate

Bulung in turkey keeps growing steadily, with more than 55%

We achieved growth with our investments in our fleet of 136% in 2020 and 39% in 2021 compared to the previous year. With these investments, we increased our business volume by 55% in the Spain-Portugal line, which is our mainline. This year, we have included France among the countries that we transport extensively. In addition to the Poland – Slovakia – Czechia line, we started to serve our customers on the Switzerland – Austria line. We continue our road transports as full truck and low truckload, and now we are in a position to say that we have regular low truckload vehicle departures. We rolled up our sleeves to take our place in intermodal transportation in order to offer alternative transportation solutions to our customers. We also offer forwarder service to our customers by sea and air.

new office and proper environment for our company culture

One of the most important features of our new office that makes us happy is that it can carry the company culture on it. This provides a working environment where each member of the Bulung family feels like they belong. As soon as they enter the office, employees are greeted by an environment that reflects our corporate culture, from the color of the tables to the materials on them. In addition, there are ergonomic work chairs with an award-winning design to eliminate the discomfort that employees may encounter due to sitting for a long time. This allows employees to focus better.

Another important point is that Allianz Tower, where our office is located, is Turkey’s first tower with LEED Platinum certificate, scoring 81 points in the BC+C Core and Shell category by the United State Green Building Council (USGBC). The sculptural tower, designed by FXFOWLE Architects, inspired by the fairy chimneys that make up the unique historical and geographical landscape of Cappadocia, brings together the sun-sensitive shell and green spaces. The shell in the form of a decorated curtain covering the glass surfaces of the building is positioned in view to reduce the heat load. With an office where cultural and geographical references are integrated with the logic and functionality of the building as symbols, we also support the sustainability of our environmental awareness, which we put forward with our motto “Go Green with Bulung” in our field operations.

team productivity is also about the workspace environment

The close location of our office to the public transportation network allows employees to start working without getting tired. The solar shading panels on the exterior provide an efficient working environment inside by optimizing the thermal comfort conditions and the use of daylight. In addition, the air conditioning and automation system control the air inside, increasing the air quality and ensuring that there is always fresh air at the optimum level. Thus, the office becomes a great place to work. In addition, there are focus rooms and social areas that employees can use in the office. There is a restaurant, market, and cafe in the plaza where employees can meet their daily needs.

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